Hi dear readership, tomorrow is my last real ride, from Amman to Jerusalem, about 120 km but 1200m down to the Jordan valley and 1200m up to Zion ! I wake up at 5h00, to leave at 6h00, my Jordanians hosts told me the weather tomorrow will be very hot, more than 40 degrees in Amman, and...6 degrees more in Jericho...I just don't dare to think about it, I'll have to drink at least 1l of water per hour, and stop between 11h and 17h.

I should reach the Western Wall at the end of the day. So wish me good luck, have a nice week end, and please don't think this blog is over, I still have a lot of things to tell about Turkey, Syria, Lebananon, Jordan and of course Israel where I plan to stay three weeks.